High-quality medical instrument and equipment design is important to ensure functionality, quality and aesthetics

The design process consists of a number of stages. At the end of each stage, a review is carried out to make sure that we are all on the right track in realising your product idea.

Design concept and feasibility study
The first step in designing your product is for us to listen. Listen not only to your technical brief, but to your dreams and goals on how you want the product to look, feel and work, and where it fits into the marketplace. We want to know what you are thinking, where you see your product in the years to come and we want to be part of your journey.

Design brief
From these first discussions, we’ll create a brief on your product design, making sure we have listened and incorporated aspects important to you. Of course, we’ll add our touch, but it’s your product and your idea that we are helping you to create. From that we’ll produce a design proposal with how we will proceed with the project. Naturally, costs are an important issue, so we’ll provide you with detailed pricing to make sure you are aware of what’s involved.


Prototype design
In this stage the detailed design of a trial product is carried out using our knowledge and expertise to create a novel, reliable, easy to manufacture, cost effective product. This is usually in the form of a prototype that will be used for developing hardware and software, integrating your ideas with our design. Engineering testing and validation will be carried out during this development phase, to confirm the soundness of the concept. Any issues uncovered in this process will be addressed in the final product design. 

Final product design
After ‘proof of concept’ has been confirmed using the prototype, the final product design is now started. Your product idea is becoming a reality. Here, we will be working very closely with you and your other experts, like the marketing team, industrial designers and medical specialists, making sure we are all working together, bringing your idea to reality by incorporating the electronics into the physical product.

Scientific testing and validation
A crucial part of the design process is product testing and validation. This is where the product is scientifically tested in real world situations to make sure it conforms to necessary standards. At the completion of product validation, any necessary changes to the product design will be carried out and further validation conducted. When it is determined the product conforms to appropriate standards, then production can be started.

The last stage is product manufacturing. You may have your own manufactures already geared up, but if you would like, we can manage the manufacturing process for you, making sure the final product is of the necessary quality and consistency.