Current Projects

Miniature, advanced ECG monitor. [Ready for commercialization]

  • Detection of Atrial Fibrillation and other heart arrhythmia
  • Advanced digital signal processing algorithms for signal feature extraction
  • Sophisticated machine learning algorithms for rhythm detection
  • Low power, miniature form factor for ease of use and long battery life
  • More advanced form of Holter monitoring
  • Bluetooth communication to smart-phone application for advanced processing.

PROJECT 2. [Prototype stage]
Advanced heart rate monitor and power meter for elite road cyclists.

  • Bluetooth Low Energy Heart rate Monitor.
  • Barometric altimeter (10 cm resolution).
  • GPS for tracking speed and location.
  • Wind speed and direction meter.
  • Mathematical algorithms for calculating power, rate of climb and energy expended.
  • Power calculated from forces due to acceleration, wind drag, altitude change, and mechanical loses.
  • No configuration changes to bike needed.

PROJECT 3. [Research stage]
Advanced, miniature VO2max analyzer.

  • High tech breath oxygen analyzer for measuring oxygen consumption of an exercising athlete in real-time.
  • Measures oxygen and carbon dioxide inflow and outflow to calculate maximum oxygen uptake.
  • Bluetooth connection to smart-phone app.
Advanced, miniature ecg monitor

Advanced, miniature ecg monitor